Asmahan Restaurant & Cafe Soon in Madinat Qaboos

Asmahan Restaurant & Cafe Soon in Madinat Qaboos

Asmahan Café – Restaurant will be soon opening its 1st outlet in Muscat, Oman in an exceptional location in Madinat Qaboos.


Asmahan® Cafe & Restaurant represents a Cosmopolitan flair throughout the food and beverage menu direction in a retro spirit and Arabic reputed name signifying the Era of “1940 – 1960” in terms of architecture, interior design and mood and its structure as a well centered stand alone villa with its sacramental design. The addition of trendy artistic mode from celebrities, movies posters and modern pop art, reflects the melting pot of generations and adds a distinguished signature to this venue.

To complement the interior design, Asmahan Café will be hosting paintings of illustration art for famous contemporary artists on monthly and quarterly basis, to ensure the sense of change on periodical basis.

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